Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Driving in 2019

Name: melanie mueller
From: San Antonio, TX
Grade: 11
School: marshall HS
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Melanie Mueller

March 2 2019

Driving in 2019

in America is scary now, and one of the big issues is driver’s
education. I believe driver’s education should be stricter. There
are too many ways to cheat your way to getting a license. Online
education for driving should stop, students should have to learn in
person from a human. Learning only through offline classes will
insure that our drivers are all being taught well. Therefore, with
properly taught students, the new drivers will know what they are
doing, better than someone who cheated on an online class or someone
who got someone to do their tests/quizzes for them. Being educated on
driving is essential because it sets the foundation before even
getting in the driver’s seat.

who is learning or is driving, including myself, can take many
precautions in order to prevent crashes and furthermore, deaths.
first, passengers need to have an understanding that their behavior
and actions can cause crashes just as much as the driver. The
passenger should be the one to change radio stations, input
destinations in a GPS, and turn temperature knobs. This helps the
driver not to take their hands off the wheel. Passengers keeping
quiet, and not distracting the driver with things like phones are
also important. As for the driver, they should keep their focus on
the road and their hands on the wheel. They need to take the
initiative to keep their passengers in check and get them to do tasks
for them. Drivers should also keep themselves in check whether they
are alone or not. They shouldn’t eat, read, use their phone, or
scroll through their playlist. With both the passengers and the
driver being responsible in the car, the ride will be much safer.

have been in several accidents along with my family members. Never
was I driving or was it due to the driver being under the influence,
so none of them were severe. The worse one I was in was due to a lady
on her phone, who rear ended my mom and I while stopped at a red
light. We had to be taken to the hospital for neck pains but in the
end, we were all okay. All of that commotion could have been
prevented if the lady had not been on her phone.

is a serious thing that should only be done by educated, mature, and
responsible people. Everyone in the car could be responsible for a
crash, so everyone needs to act correctly. There should be minimal
distractions in the car and the driver should not do anything to
where they take their hands off the wheel or are holding something.
Phones and alcohol, while they aren’t illegal in Texas, they are
illegal to be used when driving. Be educated, act responsibly, and
you will stay safe. It is a team effort to bring down the annual
deaths of drivers in America and it can start with you.

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