Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – For You, Your Loved Ones, and the World

Name: Grant Shackelford
From: El Cajon, California
Grade: 11
School: Steele Canyon HighSchool
Votes: 0

You, Your Loved Ones, and the World

may know someone who drives recklessly and even though they don’t
realize it, they are taking tens or hundreds of people’s lives into
their incautious hands. Many people don’t take driver’s ed or
even driving seriously, but proper education on driving attempts to
fix that issue. Driver’s education is essential in ensuring the
safety of new drivers as well as their passengers because it doesn’t
only educate novices with traffic laws and information about their
vehicles, but also how to protect lives and the responsibility they
assume by pursuing a driver’s license.

solutions have been researched to attempt to minimize the amount of
vehicle-related fatalities plaguing our generation. Innovations like
smart detection found in most of the latest cars, new airbag and
mid-crash technology and advances in how we drive have all helped to
make driving safer, but the true solution is simply to formally teach
people to be better drivers. Some people opt to skip driver’s ed
and take the permit test at 18 and while they may know the rulebook
forwards and back, some never learn the weight of their actions while
inside a car. A strategy to make certain that these unaware motorists
learn the liability they hold is to require driver’s education
classes despite age for all new drivers.

in my family has been a part of at least one crash, and while they
may end generally harm free (not including the harm done to our
wallets) they serve as a reminder of the dangers of being on the
road. My poor mother has been in 3 separate car crashes in recent
years, all due to the other driver being distracted or incompetent.
She has not only had to cope with taking time off work to get her car
fixed partially at her own expense but also neck pains lasting months
and a new instilled paranoia from being around other drivers on the

have already taken many steps to ensure my own as well as other’s
safety while I’m driving. Taking a motor vehicles class being my
first step, I now focus on driving cautiously, under the law, and
PREDICTABLY to guarantee everyone’s well being. When talking about
driving, I influence my peers to take the classroom course before
enlisting to take the test and sometimes give tips on how to be safe
while conducting a vehicle. I plan to continue these habits as well
as discourage any dangerous behaviors I notice when riding with
someone else such as driving distracted, under any influences, or
recklessly. I’ve noticed that almost everyone I’ve been a
passenger of drives and conducts themselves inside an automobile
differently while being under emotional stress or anger and without
upsetting them further I try to remind them to pay attention to
delivering us to our destination safely and to not let their emotions
put our drive in harm’s way.

question to new and experienced drivers is, are you ready to lead our
generation in safe driving?

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