Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Give Me Policing or Give Me Death… Literally

Name: Haley Marie Rosel
From: Eustis, FL
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Me Policing or Give Me Death… Literally

2018-2019 school year, my father and my sister were in a car
accident. They had a green light, and a woman turning left pulled out
in front of them. My father did not have time to break and they had a
near head-on collision. Thank the Lord that my sister was wearing her
seatbelt, for if she wasn’t, then she would have flown out the
front windshield. We had to spend the night in the hospital so they
could get checkups. My sister managed to walk away with only a broken
thumb, but my father is still pained by his injuries. Educating
drivers is necessary to reduce automobile accidents in the United
States. If people are aware of the dangers of driving, then they
would hopefully be more cautious on the road. If my dad hadn’t been
paying attention, then the accident could have been more severe.

vigilant helps reduce accidents because people are constantly
watching out for the other person. Reckless driving awareness could
also reduce drunk driving, for if people understand that driving
under the influence could cost them their lives, then less people
would do it. However, all humans are sinners, so one could never
fully eliminate auto-accident related deaths. One thing that could
help reduce car accident deaths is increased traffic policing. You
would have to thoroughly educate every driver about the dangers of
driving, and doing that would be a headache. You cannot force people
to attend seminars, watch videos, and take tests about road safety
without violating their rights. Even if you could, by implementing
legislation, there is no reliable way to ensure that they were paying
attention and retaining the information given to them. Also,
increased government regulation does not always result in the
intended outcome. The best thing to do is to have more police
patrolling the roads looking out for drunk and negligent drivers.
Pulling them over before accidents happen is the best way to prevent
it. One could also encourage people to report reckless driving to
police so they could handle the situation. I am not motivated to
drive. I find it to be a deadly activity, and have no motivation to
get my license until I absolutely need it. When I start driving,
however, I will try my hardest to only go the speed limit. I would
also inform my peers about the dangers, and remind them of them
whenever I happened to be in their car.

people believe that accidents couldn’t happen to them, after all,
what are the odds? The only way to get rid of that mindset is if the
person commits to safer driving, for it all comes down to the
individual. If someone doesn’t see driving as dangerous, then they
will not be as vigilant. My final suggestion would be to go all “The
Christmas Carol” on them to let them see the potential
consequences. From there, it would still be up to a personal
commitment to drive safely.

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