Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – It’s Not About How Fast You Get There, It’s About Actually Getting There

Name: Cassy Johnson
From: Sheffield Lake, Ohio
Grade: College Sophomore
School: Lorain County Community College
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Growing up I had the opportunity to have a lot of motor-powered
vehicles, quads, golf carts, go karts, and other motor-powered toys.
However, no matter how long, how much, or how well I thought I knew
how to drive, nothing prepared me better than the short eight-week
driver education course I took when I turned 17. Learning how to
properly merge, use my turn signals, avoid road rage, and stay safe
on the road by using my vehicle not only to transport me, but keep me
safe was a top priority in my Drivers Ed course. With drivers
education, instructors don’t only teach someone how to drive, but
to maintain safety during their time driving.

A large step that
can be taken to reduce the number of deaths related to driving is
simply pay attention. Don’t text and drive, don’t read a book,
don’t do your make up, don’t do anything that you are supposed to
at home, in your car. If everyone simply checked their mirrors, and
paid attention to the three-thousand pounds that they were sitting in
while driving, the number of fatalities that were related to vehicles
would be lower significantly.

Unfortunately, I
was involved in a two-car collision that would forever change my life
due to a driver not paying enough attention. As we were pulling into
a parking lot there was a car parked off to the side and you could
tell the driver wasn’t paying attention as they were reading their
phone. As we pulled in the car took off, turning sharply and running
right into the front passenger side of the car. This collision caused
my door to unlock which allowed my leg to fall out of the vehicle.
The result that followed was the car pushing the door closed on my
foot and causing permanent nerve damage. As well as the injury to my
foot, I sustained a traumatic brain injury, herniated disc in my
cervical spine, and am still fighting the pain that was resulting
from the accident.

Steps that can be
taken to be a better and safer driver is paying attention, putting
the phone down, and being responsible. There is no excuse not to
drive safe while operating a machine that can kill.

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