Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Keep Yourself Alive

Name: Giovanni Delgadillo
From: Plano, Texas
Grade: College Freshman
School: Collin College
Votes: 0

Yourself Alive

of Americans are behind the wheel today and many more will soon take
to the streets, literally. In order for people to stay safe on the
road, it is necessary to gain the mindset that as a driver you are
maneuvering a two-ton missile that can kill so many people. Morbid
but true, and if one can get in this mindset, you can guarantee that
they will drive safer.

As a person who
went to driving school, i can personally say it has cemented the
teachings and habits that they taught me into my daily driving
habits. If every single student-driver went through an approved
course, the amount of mistakes and reckless young drivers would show
the benefits of a set way to teach driving. So many do their own
thing on the road and it shows, but with proper education, the
streets would be safer.

To lessen the
number of deaths, major steps must be taken. Whether its controlling
usage of mobile devices or the knowledge of the driver, steps can be
taken. Having an app or software that locks a mobile device while
going a certain speed, mandatory driving lessons,parental control
over smart cars. These steps which may seem radical can most
definitely do some goods and turn this dilemma around with help.

As a young adult, i
have had my fair share of bad driving experiences. Thankfully, i
personally have not gotten into an automobile accident (knock on
wood). However i have had friends who have wrecked plenty of times. A
friend of mine ended up totaling his car while crashing into his own
mailbox while being distracted. Also, another friend of mine had his
truck’s axle locking up and spun out on a local rural road. This
experiences have made me feel the fear of accidents and how i should
be more careful.

To be a better
driver, i feel experience is the best way to become better and gain
more confidence. To show others i feel they need to go through their
own dilemmas in order to actually feel the potential
consequences and horrors that could be awaiting them. People today
take life for granted, nothing can be done, however they can see just
how dangerous an everyday commute to school can truly be.

i was in ninth grade, i lost a friend of mine to a car collision. His
name was Jaime. He was lost as well as his parents due to a
distracted driver. That single event devastated our friend group and
we never spoke since. Jaime was an innocent boy with goals to be a
soccer player and attend University of Texas at Austin when the time
came. Due to a person lacking in attention span, sense, and focus —
Jaime will never again kick a ball. Do yourself a favor — drive
safe, and don’t forget to keep yourself alive.

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