Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Living is A Priority: What And What Not To Do

Name: Ivoree Smith
From: Atlanta, GA
Grade: College Freshman
School: Clark Atlanta University
Votes: 0

is our first priority, although we do not realize it at much. Along
with living, we have jobs or school to go to. How will we get to our
destination? Driving, but not only for ourselves but also for those
who are driving near us. There is nothing more important than being
educated on the fundamentals of driving. Most of this comes off as
common sense of what and what not to do behind a wheel but educating
ourselves on the safety of driving is what will prevent the amount of
deaths that are caused from driving.

education should be stressed entirely to anyone that obtains a
license. A driver should know when to slow down, when to speed up,
when to stop entirely or when to flash a blinker. These lessons are
very important, as you are now driving for those who are in front and
behind your vehicle. After wearing your seatbelt, the number one rule
to driving is STAY OFF THE PHONE. This should come to common sense to
most drivers but unfortunately, 16% of fatal crashes are caused by
distractions. 32% caused by drunk driving and 31% caused by speeding.
Most of fatal crashes are caused by common sense factors that CAN be

has not had the luxury of not being in a car crash. I have been in a
few fender benders due to drivers near me being distracted or
speeding when they should not be. No matter how little the crash, it
is traumatizing. You now make it your priority to make sure that you
never put anybody in that same traumatizing scenario. A few steps we
can take to prevent these accidents would be, providing a phone mount
for every car. So if a driver does need to use their phone for any
reason; such as a GPS they will not have to carry it while driving
which could cause a distraction. Also, having the “hands off
option” is very smart as your GPS will read you your directions.
Another great idea that everyone with a license should participate in
is a yearly or bi-yearly drivers test! So the state knows that us, as
drivers still know the rules to driving and will be safe on the road.

only being on human, I do not have the power to make sure that
everyone is driving safely but we do have the power to enforce the
rules and driving safe for those around us. Phones should be
restricted for use in a moving vehicle, liquor should only be sold to
those who come in the store with friends, labeling one as the
designated driver on a late night and speeding should always be
regulated with more officers around, more cameras at the stoplights
and on highways. We do not have the ability to stop crashes entirely,
but we can definitely die them down by simply remembering that our
life and the life of others is the first priority!

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