Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – My leadership philosophy

Name: Alexandru Statie
From: Virginia Beach, VA
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Leadership Philosophy

Alexandru Statie

all the time I was amused when I was watching science fiction movies
and I saw the replica the Aliens use to say –
me to your Leader!”

I was thinking:
is a “big deal” with this Leader/Leadership that even the aliens
know about it…!?

it is, and being serious, I can say that this concept, “the
Leadership”, has been studied since a long time ago and many
personalities, leaders and organizations, tried and gave it at least
a definition. I will not be that way, I will not try to redefine the
Leadership… All I will try will be just to write down my short
philosophy about the leader I want to be.

know that philosophy is to much being said, because usually you have
a philosophy about life and your leadership philosophy is just a part
of it. You can’t be leader just for the group/organization you
lead, you must be leader in many other circumstances and life
situations, and even in your family when you have your own.
Therefore, my leadership philosophy is interconnected and reflects my
life philosophy.

lead”, this verb, means to conduct/lead people somewhere, into a
direction. In my acceptation, it is not necessary to be the
direction you want, it is necessary to be the right direction. I
understand and at least perceive the leadership as the Art of Conduct
and not only as Conduct. Likewise, in my opinion, although there are
cases, a leader is shaped and not born. He/she is growing and going
thru a continuous process that contains the following ingredients:
culture, education, training, (gaining) experience, various
situations, and self-awareness/self-evaluation.

defining my leadership philosophy, I realize that I have in fact to
answer to the question: “What type of leader I want to be?”. I
began my research reading books, novels and essays about leadership.
My attention was kept by the “The Servant as Leader” essay
of Robert K. Greenleaf, which led me further to the story of Leo from
“Journey to the East” novel of Hermann Hesse. I went further in
my research, and I discovered that there are several general types of
leaders: the one of whose existence the people are barely aware

highest type of ruler);
one people love and praise; the one people fear; and the one people
despise and defy. The next step in my attempt to answer my question
was to define some of the principles that I want to be guided after:
I will be self-aware about my capabilities and limitations; I will
work continuously toward my development; I will try to be visionary;
I will be all the time correct/ honest and loyal and will ask people
that I lead/organization that I am part of, to be the same; I will
be courageous; I will stay against the critics; I will assume the
responsibility for the people/organization I lead; I will share the
responsibility when necessary; I will not be afraid to take
decisions; I will consult with the people I lead and with my leaders
when I will take these decisions; I will use personal example and I
will be role model and mentor/trainer for others; I will try to know
at my best the people I lead, their life and their problems; I will
help them, and I will teach them how to overcome problems; I will
influence my people by providing them purposes, directions, and
motivations; I will put all my effort to find appropriate ways to
deal with all leadership challenges, especially with the most
critical one – to build a cohesive organization; I will empower my
leaders and I will keep them informed; I will be positive … no
matter what.

analyzing my findings, and knowing myself, my desires and
aspirations, I came the conclusion that I want to be the “Servant
Leader” type of leader, the one that I resemble the most. I want
to lead, but in the same time to be in the service of the people I
lead. I believe that the first condition is to serve your own
people, if you really want (to know how) to lead them. Although in
many ways I want to be as Leo, in fact, all I want is just to be a
good leader.

conclusion I will say that if I will be able to follow my leadership
principles and to respond positive to my leadership challenges, I can
assume and say about myself that I am, and I will be the leader I
want to be … a good one.

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