Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Road safety

Name: Samantha Medrano
From: Pasadena, Texas
Grade: 2020
School: Pasadena High School
Votes: 0


Every year there is many deaths due to car crashes. People decide to
drive irresponsibly that consequence affects other people. People’s
lives’ are at risk every time they are in the road because of
drivers who do not know how to drive or violate the laws. The most
common age of deaths in automobiles are teenagers because they are
out in the world driving irresponsibly. Drinking and texting are the
most common cause in a car crash.

The driver education helps to reduce the number of deaths by having
road information that every driver needs to know. Road signs, speed
limits, and road signals, are all information needed to know before
hitting the road. If you don’t know any information and try to
figure out the information while on the road it will cause an
accident. The steps that can be taken to reduce the number of death
to driving is to not be on the phone while driving nor drink, don’t
go over the speed limit and use your mirrors carefully. If a driver
does one of those things then it can lead to a fatal turn. Another
step that can be taken is having more patrol vehicles out in the
streets looking for drunk drivers and people going above the speed
limit. There is laws that people do not follow especially while
driving so law enforcement should be more active.

Moreover, in my personal experience I have never been in a car crash
but I know family members who have passed through that horrible
experience. My cousin got in a crash 2 years ago and landed straight
to the hospital. He crashed his truck into a ditch near home. The
reason for the crash was that he fell asleep on the road home because
he had come out of work really late. He lost part of his brain in the
accident. He wasn’t on the phone or drunk just tired and closed his
eyes for a minute and his life flashed beneath his eyes. There is
many steps I can do to be a safer driver by learning everything there
is to know about class by enrolling into driving school since I have
no experience. Achieving my learners permit to learn road rules. Now
to help others, I can be safe on the road by driving really
cautiously by not passing red lights, driving in the speed limit, and
not be intoxicated.

Overall, drivers should drive safely since there has been many death
caused by car crashes. People should learn road rules and road
signals to help prevent any more deaths. People need to stop
drinking, texting, and racing on the road because it is violating
many laws which can lead to someone’s death. Sometimes a person can
be a safe driver and someone just comes by and hits them out of
nowhere. We never know when an accident will occur but if we can
prevent it by driving safely then let’s do it.

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