Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Safe Driving

Name: Cody Hughes
From: Sacramento, California
Grade: College 2nd year
School: Cosumnes River College
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Cody Hughes

March 1, 2019


this essay I will be describing the importance of driver education
and how it greatly reduces the number of death tolls as well as what
steps can be taken to minimize risk when driving your automobile. So
the importance of driving is that you are always alert and paying
attention to your every surrounding because you never know what the
world can throw your way and you never know if a driver around you is
impaired or driving under the influence. Because of this it is
important to always check your surroundings and be a safe and caring
driver for others around you as well.

To reduce the
number of deaths that often come with impaired driving or driving
under the influence you can not text and drive, never drive while
under the influence of any alcohol, medication, drug or any other
substance that makes you anything less than a 100 percent. I
thankfully have never been in a car accident but I have seen my
fiancé do a little bit of reckless driving due to being on the phone
while on the freeway. To avoid this ever happening to me or her again
we have both not been using or phones when we drive as well as always
pulling over if we get tired on the trip or need a quick break.

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