Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Safe Driving

Name: Breana Jordan
From: Fort Gibson, Oklahoma
Grade: College Junior
School: Connors State College
Votes: 0


of people die each year due to bad driving, even if they weren’t
the one who caused the accident. Families are ripped apart by these
deaths, mine included. In February of 2018, my older sister was in an
accident in Florida that cost her life. My family has had a tough
time dealing with the loss. I had never really thought about safe
driving until I lost my sister at just 23 years old.

large percent of these accidents are caused by uneducated driving.
People don’t know how to react in certain situations, which makes
them dangerous for everyone else. Some obvious examples are if
someone didn’t know that they had to stop at red lights or stop
signs. If people were more educated about the rules of the road and
laws, more accidents would be preventable. I think one way, besides
educating, to reduce accidents is to require all persons with a
license to retake the test throughout their lives. I have personally
seen several accidents caused by senior citizens that have the
starting points of Dementia, or their eye sight is going bad, or they
had a heart-attack, or their reflexes just weren’t as quick as they
should have been. I think from the age of 16 to 65 people should
retake the written and driving test every ten years , and every 3-5
after the age of 65.

have never been in an accident, but I know several people who have.
The most heartbreaking was my sister’s. Other than that, all of my
family members other than me have been accidents. I have been in the
car while my friend was driving and she got on her phone. I told her
to put it down because it wasn’t safe. I think if we all hold each
other accountable for our actions, we can greatly reduce the number
of accidents.

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