Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Safe Driving: Know your Traffic Laws

Name: Aaliyah Bevans
From: Fort Washington, Maryland
Grade: 11
School: National Christian Academy
Votes: 8


licensed drivers on the roads should be well informed about the
traffic laws, because of how fresh the new information is in their
brains. Many drivers amongst all of us who passed their driving test
during the last five years have not looked at or studied the traffic
laws since they passed their test. It would not hurt if we would be
required to take an online test every few years to review new and old
traffic laws. We could all learn more and benefit more by staying
updated on traffic laws. Being a safe driver would help make everyone
on the roads out of danger.

are many traffic laws that were created to make certain that everyone
has a safe and enjoyable driving experience. Some laws were made to
specifically avoid aggressive drivers. Then some help the driver
alertness while driving. Less than more of the laws handle special
driving situations as well.

stay safe on the road besides following the rules would be to have to
control what makes you mad. You should also make sure you keep your
stress levels extremely low. Some driver’s do not know how to deal
with stress, this is a major cause of car crashes. Stress can hamper
the driver’s ability to secure safety on the roads. If you
encounter a vehicle that is causing you stress by driving recklessly,
constantly following too closely, or has road rage the best thing to
do is to do to avoid a confrontation. You should reduce speed and
avoid their vehicle all together. Do not provoke the driver just let
them pass.

accidents are avoidable, it can be as simple as being aware of your
surroundings. As well as paying attention to what you are doing at
all times while behind the wheel. Cell phones are probably the most
common distraction while driving a vehicle. If you must use a mobile
device, ensure that you have a hands-free accessory.
best driver on the highway is safe not when they read the signs, but
when they obey them.

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