Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Saving Our Own Lives

Name: Benjamin Stinson
From: Independence, Kentucky
Grade: 12th
School: Simon Kenton High School
Votes: 0

has become a convenience, and people are getting too comfortable in
their everyday lives doing so. Nobody quite seems to see the reason
in being especially cautious or keen to their surroundings while on
the road. It is now-or-never for people to stop being negligent to
the facts and requirements of driver safety.

People must be educated properly enough to know the precautions they
must take as a driver. If everyone on the road knew what they were
responsible for and entrusted with, they would be much more careful.
Being awakened by the statistics as to how many people are affected
by reckless driving could only prompt motivation to do better. Most
deaths related to driving are assisted by distractions or
intoxication, which are both easily avoided for a dedicated driver.
People should put their phones in a location where it will not be a
temptation to operate when driving. Many phones have settings in
place that silence notifications until a person is not driving, and I
suggest all put those into practice. If something is truly necessary,
one needs to pull over when available, and not take their eyes off
the road and put someone else’s life at risk. Any time intoxicating
substances are being used, a sober-minded person should first collect
all car keys and prevent the users from leaving a set location. If
someone must depart, there should be someone designated to assist in
transporting them safely. Allowing an intoxicated person on the
roadway increases chances of crash and devastation severely and must
be avoided at all costs.

family and I have been fortunate enough to avoid a vehicular
accident, yet I have been in the car with peers driving very
irresponsibly. The best course of action is to first demand that
he/she steady him/herself and take driving more seriously, as an
accident could have fatal implications. If it persists, I refuse to
continue riding. I would rather wait for a safer ride than remain in
the car, allowing someone else to risk my life. It is always more
essential to avoid senseless driving than to ignore it in efforts to
maintain the state of that relationship.

advise myself and others to be more respectful of ourselves and
others while driving. Delve into the handbook the DMV provides to
reeducate and prepare for more driving experience. Researching the
statistics and stories of those who were unsafe drivers and seeing
how much pain and suffering being a reckless driver can cause. If
available, take educational courses or communicate with insurance or
drivers’ programs to have a dialogue about the necessity and
methods to safe driving. These are steps we all can take to better
ourselves and make a more attentive driving community.

driving and its repercussions are alarming, and people must awaken to
the issue it presents. If we all take precautionary steps and educate
ourselves as drivers, we can reduce the devastation that reckless
driving causes.

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