Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – The 3 Types of Driving Distractions

Name: Eric Jimenez
From: Oxnard, California
Grade: 12th
School: Channel Islands High School
Votes: 0

in today’s day and age can be seen for the better or the worse, but
when it comes to distracted driving it pulls out the worst of its
values. Distracted driving can be defined as any activity that will
detract the driver’s attention from the road. Distracted driving
can include, but is not limited to simple things such as texting,
adjusting of a navigation system, fixing makeup, eating, and even
conversations with other passengers. I find the importance of a
driver’s education a key factor to not only keeping themselves
safe, but rather the community around them as well. We have to
remember every cause has an effect and our reckless actions may cause
a loss of life affecting not only you, but the victim’s family and
friends too.

driving can be parted into three distinct categories visual,
physical, and mental distractions. Visual distractions can be seen as
any activity that takes the driver’s eyes off the road, such as
using a visual navigation system. Physical distractions are displayed
as any sort of activity that will voluntarily take the driver’s
hands off the wheel of the vehicle. A great example of a physical
distraction can be eating while driving. Mental distractions can
defined as any activity that takes your mind off the road, whether
it’s consciously or unconsciously even if it is a harmless
conversion. I believe if we take the time to understand and learn how
to avoid these three types of distractions we can greatly reduce the
number of deaths globally.

steps we can take to avoid these incidents can be handled very easily
and should be made a habit by everyone. First, we should avoid the
temptation to check or even use our phone, while driving or rather
just shut it off all together. Second, when it comes to using
navigation systems set it to audio and use the speaker to listen to
the directions of your destination, rather taking your eyes off the
road to check it visually. Third, keep your hands on the wheel at all
times there is no need to eat, text, or do your makeup at this time
try doing these before or after getting into a vehicle. Fourth, stay
focused on the road at all times pay attention to the objects around
you and try not to let ongoing conversations distract you from the
main task in front of you, which is keeping you as well as your
passengers safe.

myself have witnessed the death of my assistant wrestling coach due
to distracted driving not only did the team mourn for him, but his
family and most of all his younger brother suffered. He was on his
way to work in a sleep deprived state not mentally there causing him
to crash into another vehicle killing him instantaneously. I would
like to dedicate this essay to him and make everyone aware of
situations like these and hope that all of you will try to stay safe.

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