Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – The Importance of Safe Driving

Name: Emma Prior
From: Hornell, NY
Grade: Freshman in college
School: Genesee Community College
Votes: 0

Importance of Driving



The importance of safe driving is
saving lives. Being a reckless, unaware driver puts other people’s
lives at risk without them even knowing. Reducing the number of
deaths that involve driving is extremely important because most of
the people in this country drive some sort of vehicle at least once
in their lifetime. The time that they get behind a wheel should not
be the time that somebody is killed. Just because some people were
able to pass their road test by doing a simple sequence of tests to
judge their driving abilities, doesn’t mean they are experts in
driving. Doing the research, going to classes, practicing and being
aware of your surroundings are all things that can help people become
better drivers and reduce the number of deaths related to driving. If
people are more educated on what to do and what not to do when they
are behind the wheel, that should keep everyone on the road safe. I
have been involved in a lot of close calls but thankfully, have never
been in an accident myself. I consider myself to be a cautious driver
because I would never want to be responsible for hurting someone
else, let alone killing someone because I was unaware of what I was
doing. I will always wear my seatbelt when I am in a car, driving or
not. That is one thing that can help protect me if something does go
wrong. As long as I do my part of staying safe, that should help
other drivers on the road with me. Only other drivers can take the
necessary precautions to be and stay safe while driving.

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