Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – The Safety of Being Behind the Wheel

Name: Skylar Pete
From: Ponchatoula , Louisiana
Grade: Junior
School: Ponchatoula High School
Votes: 0

Safety of Being Behind the Wheel

By: Skylar Pete

is activity citizens take part in everyday life. While getting behind
the wheel is a big responsibility, people just consider themselves
great at it. That is due to the lack of education obtained. Driver’s
Education is one of the most important classes taken by an
individual. I believe that it is taken advantage of just to be
rewarded the license. Actions should be taken to improve the safety
on the road including raising the driving age. When you are sixteen,
your phone tends to be a main focus which could lead up to a text and
driving accident. Also, we could increase the number of law
enforcement on the roads as well as highways for supervision. Lastly,
there needs to be a more widespread of speed detectors to decrease
the amount of speeding seen every day. Not that I have been in an
accident, but I have experienced a lot of texting while driving with
family as well as friends and it does cause swerving and speed
decrease or increase. It is nerve wracking to put your life into
someone else’s hands who is mainly focused on their smartphone. To
make myself feel comfortable as well as others, steps you can do to
improve reckless driving is to put your phone down, lock it up or
throw it in the backseat because no matter what it is, it is not as
precious as a life and it can wait. Another action that can be taken
is looking both ways before turning and use your blinker for others
behind you. Without using your blinker, you will not signal them when
to slowdown and come to a stop without crashing. Last of all, do not
let anyone under the influence or under age behind the wheel just
because they tell you they are experienced. You will not only be
putting your life on risk but there’s as well.

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