Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – To be aware

Name: Caleb Shaw
From: San Diego, California
Votes: 4

Many times that
mistakes happen are often because of the lack of knowledge one has
when dealing with the problem at hand. At the at the age of 6 I
slipped off of a rock while hiking and almost broke my neck, only
because I didn’t pay attention to the small steps like I was
supposed taught. Just like me slipping the rock because I didn’t
take extra caution there also is a repercation in not following the
rules of driving. To one dayforce your mother/ father too wake up to
face their biggest fear, which is burying their kid. No one wants to
do that.

There are many
things that can be done to reduce the deaths of teenagers instead of
making hashtags and tweets. The first thing we must do is understand
who these laws were made for, which were adults. Why are all deadly
weapons made illegal until 18 besides cars? There is no reason
teeagers don;t have the full capability to always make the right
choice because the adolescents are still learning and so young, so
instead of making tweets the first thing I would do is up the age
limit of those who can drive on their own. Also many of the deaths
on the freeway happen because of how fast teem drivers drive. There
won’t be a big difference in making the speed limit under 60 besides
getting to the destination that is desired a bit slower, but we must
ask ourselves what is more important time or life.

The reason I speak
so passionately about life and death with the correlation of cars is
because I have been in at least 5, in which I have never been the
driver. Dodging a bullet five times does put some traumatizing
factors inside the brain of the passengers.

Some steps to be a
safer driver is, (1) having all my technology text free and putting
down anything destructive. Next I would go at least 10 mph slower
than what the law says, so that even if a accident happens

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