Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Volunteering Oppurtunities

Name: Evelyn Grace Taylor
From: Panama City, FL
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Forward Scholarship

March 2019


has always been on my heart since I was little. I started
volunteering on a regular basis when I entered the youth group at my
church. The youth group gave me the opportunity to be on the
leadership team which opened new avenues for volunteering. I was able
to help so many students and I even went on the mission trip to

was the single most inspiring volunteer opportunity. The spring break
of 2017, about 50 of us traveled down to Belize, which is right next
to Guatemala. The entire week was filled with playing with orphans to
manual labor. The main reason we were there was to spread the word of
the Holy Spirit with people who did not know who He was. Doing
something that I love so much makes it feel more of an opportunity
than an obligation to get hours for bright futures. Even though this
trip was on a volunteer it is something I would do again just for

was not long after, I started volunteering to help with Vacation
Bible School. I went through VBS growing up in the church so it was
something I was familiar with. Being a student helper made me
understand the work and dedication it takes to make VBS happen. Being
able to teach and play with little children made me want to keep
doing it. Year after year I would volunteer to help with VBS.

I am a weekly volunteer at my church office. I am tasked with
anything my supervisor has me do. The main reason I am there is due
to the need we have after the hurricane. It has taken so many assets
away that everyone needs help, so I feel the need to do the right
thing. Doing things others may not be able to do or just helping out
brings joy to my heart every moment of the day.

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