Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Was it Worth it?

Name: Aliesana Sandoval
From: Denver, Colorado
Grade: Senior
School: Denver School of Science and Technology Stapleton
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Was it Worth it?

Bzz, Bzz

familiar, comforting, vibration of your phone receiving a phone call
or text message. Your hands are loosely gripped on the wheel as it
is, your eyes sneak a quick glance of who it is and a great, big
smile appears. Reaching down, you grab your phone, eyes switching
from the road to sending the flirty text message to him… all of a
sudden, the vehicle begins to swerve towards the next lane and a
speeding car SLAMS into the driver’s side. A two-second decision
left you, and several others, killed.

is the stark truth everyone ignores, men and women everywhere are
becoming too reckless, too trusting of their own ability, to make the
right decisions on the road. In a sense, it is not about educating
people how to drive properly, it’s now about educating people about
the consequences to their decisions. Distracted driving was found to
be one of the leading causes of car accidents in the United States
(source). Considering this phone addicted era and the rise of the
entertainment that is technology, this fact is unsurprising, however,
there are steps we as a society can take to stop this. Your phone?
Away. No questions asked, any call or text whether it be an emergency
or not can wait—this split-second decision can mean you finishing
nursing school, or spending your days in a grave. People all around
must realize and be taught the extent to their privileges, the
people, they have taken for granted.

reality of it is, people make stupid decisions every-day, and I
myself was the cause of a distracted-driving car accident.
Admittedly, it was foolish of me, a brand new driver taking a call
that could have easily waited till I returned home. As a result, I
was rear-ended by a speeding driver and didn’t break in time,
luckily, I am still here, but I cannot say the same for others in
similar situations. That day could have changed everything. I would
have never enjoyed the warmth of the sun of my skin. I would have
never been accepted to my dream school. Most importantly, I would
never have been able to hug my shaken-mother after the car accident.

phone can wait. Put it down. It is not worth losing everything for
one message.

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