Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Why I Drive Safely

Name: Emma Green
From: Cardiff, CA
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is important for drivers – especially teenage drivers – to know the
real risks of all aspects of being on the road, beyond drinking and
driving or texting and driving. By reminding drivers of the risks
involved in driving on a regular basis, people will be more inclined
to think twice before picking up their phone while on the road or
getting behind the wheel after drinking. This is especially necessary
for young drivers. One thing that I found to be very helpful and
informative, was the “Every Fifteen Minutes” program, which was
presented at my school right after I had gotten my license. This
program, although costly, is something that I feel should be brought
to every high school with mandatory attendance from all students. In
this program, actual students that we were familiar with, acted as
students who had been in a car crash from drunk driving. It was very
realistic, emotional, and informative. We even attended a
mock-funeral the following day, as a reminder that every choice we
make when getting behind the wheel affects not only ourselves, but
everyone else. Many students were deeply impacted and I believe that
this program positively influenced our students’ driving habits and
awareness. If every school or office had this program, the roads
would be much safer.

last month, while headed back from a road trip early in the morning
on a rainy day, I was in the back seat of an accident, totalling both
cars and giving my boyfriend a concussion, and me a few bruises and
some back pain. Thankfully, both parties were alright and that was
the extent of the injuries. However, I still find it difficult to
drive as a passenger with anyone else driving. I was lucky to have
been sitting in the backseat of a big, safe Toyota 4Runner when the
car in front of us slipped in the rain, slid into our lane, and
stalled out – just yards away from us, full-speed in the carpool
lane. “Emma! Hold on!” are the words I woke up to, when I saw a
white Jeep getting closer and closer – when I realized that it was
stopped and we were going to hit it. He aimed the 4Runner between the
wall and the Jeep and we hit the corner of the Jeep, spun three
times, and stopped, car wrecked, airbags exploded and smokey air
seeping through the car. I sat in shock my back twisted and seatbelt
angled into my side. Although there were no severe injuries, I will
never forget the pain and shock we suffered that morning at six

in August of 2014, my Uncle stopped at Burger King, got on the road
of a steep mountain, and fell asleep behind the wheel. Tragically,
his car drove off the side of this road, ending his life. Things
will never be the same without his joyful and loving presence and my
family, his friends, and acquaintances are forever affected and full
of sorrow. It was an extremely unfortunate incident and I drive with
his situation in mind every time I get behind the wheel.

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