Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – I am BIanca Palmer

Name: Bianca Palmer
From: Woodlands, Ca
Grade: High School Graduate
School: El Camino Real Charter HIgh School
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I am Bianca Palmer, born in Memphis, Tennessee, where music never stops
and the home of The Grand Ole Opry. From coast to coast, I find
myself now in the glamorous City of Angels
California. I
’m fortunate to have a life infused with a variety of different
experiences which have helped me developed character to face the
different battles in life. Now listen to the song of my life.

As a young kid living in the suburbs of Memphis, I had my first battle
with life when my mother was diagnosed with kidney failure. The
hospital became my second home. We were in and out of hospitals
trying to figure out what was wrong with her. It was no longer Alicia
Unthinkable” the song playing in my head, but the sirens of the ambulance
constantly coming to our home to pick up my mother. This brought a
lot of instability to our family. It became very difficult for my mom
to sustain her own self, so in effect, it became impossible for her
to provide for my siblings and me, both financially and emotionally.
On March 13, 2014, she died. At the age of sixteen I found myself
staring in the face of the biggest battle of my life.

I moved to California and there a family friend offered to take care of
me and my younger sister. In November 2015, I became a foster care
child. For the first time in a long time, I found the opportunity to
reset my life from the anguished encounter of facing the death of my
mother. It was here that I found the help needed to overcome and heal
from the battle scares.

I ran track in ninth and tenth grade. I enjoyed it greatly and it
helped me diffuse the unpleasant thoughts in my mind. I loved the
atmosphere and the opportunity to make new friends. With that came
great accomplishments, I was one of the top JV runners. I ran the 400
meter dash 4 by 4 and also the 4 by 1. However, as the good old
saying says, “All good things always come to an end”. Due
to the lost of my mother, greater responsibilities lay on my lap. I
had to be a role model for my younger sister and help her with her
own struggles in life. I had to quit running to make sure she stayed
on track.

But life always gives us second chances. In tenth grade, I joined the
NJROTC program at school. I formed a great bond with my fellow
cadets. It was like my second family. NJROTC taught me discipline,
dedication and commitment. They saw leadership attributes in me and I
had the opportunity to be in leadership positions. I served as
Photography Officer, Relay for Life Coordinator and participated on
the Physical Fitness Team. But I am most proud of being Black Student
Union Vice President in both my junior and senior year. I love
serving the community and have spent over 75 community service hours
in the last 3 years, mostly handing out waters, setting and cleaning
up at various marathons. With the help of awesome teachers and
mentors, I have come a long way from where I once was. With all I
have overcome, I know I am equipped to embark on a new journey in
life, and write another stanza of my song.

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