Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – What Breaks My Heart

Name: Sydney Williams
From: Tarpon Springs, Florida
Grade: College Freshman
School: Lee University
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Breaks My Heart

When I was 17 I got the opportunity to go to Jamaica on a mission’s trip
through my local church. I said I wanted to go to help others but I
never expected to gain more myself out of the trip than I could ever
have possibly given. Nearly nothing. They have nearly nothing. They
don’t have food, they don’t have homes, a lot of them have lost their
families, kids without parents, animals without care. Before this
trip I didn’t actually know why I was here, what my purpose was. I
had never been moved in my heart with such an overpowering wave of
passion before. I went to Jamaica and I felt my first real heart
break. My heart broke for each tender child as I looked into their
eyes and held them and played with them and prayed for them. Yet the
hardest part was as I wrapped myself around them I could barely wrap
my mind around the fact that they had more undeniable joy and peace
than I would be lucky enough to feel in a lifetime. My heart broke
for children and people who understood the simplicity of life more
than I did myself; who also understood the harsh and cold grip of the
world more than any person ever should.

So forward looking from that moment in my life to the next moments
coming, my perspective changed. A light was lit inside of me, a spark
to move, to do, and to be, all in for these kids, all in for this
overlooked part of the world, and all in for those who have less than
they need while I couldn’t fathom the feeling of going without. I
look forward to what this means and how I can aim my life to serve
and love and be Jesus to these people. And I realized that even if
twenty, thirty years down the road the houses we built, the schools
we worked in and on and the people we touched might be dead and gone,
but forever in my heart will that trip have changed my life. And so I
went to Jamaica once in attempt to save the world with
self-glorification, and my heart was broken for the ones who ask for
no glory. And I learned to glorify the only One who saves children
like me, and children like them with the same reverence and pursuit
of love. And that’s what volunteering has taught me; my purpose and
passion is to walk the pursuit of love with the people who break my

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