Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – A Brighter Community

Name: ZhiWei Wang
From: MIlford, Ohio
Grade: 10
School: Milford Senior High School
Votes: 11

Community service, for me, is another chance to know your community better and
is a way meet new people who live around you. There is lots of ways
someone can help improve where they live from their own actions. For
me, I am a volunteer who teaches Chinese and Spanish at elementary
schools throughout my small town of Milford each week. Being
tri-lingual allows me to connect and adapt to cultures around the
world and I want to share what it feels like to generations that come
after me who will need to live in a multicultural world. Seeing the
progress each child achieves from the beginning to the end brings a
smile full of joy and happiness to my face. Each class I see the
students learn something new, understanding how similar or different
the cultures and languages around the world is from theirs. As a
teacher, I have roles and responsibilities that I need to achieve
through my teaching.

It is my responsibility to expand each child’s view of a world that
they live in, that the world is a huge place and not everything is
the same to what they are used to. I take the liberty of leading them
through the stepping stone of how to communicate in the vast world.
My biggest challenge teaching is not how the children behave, or how
the children are learning, but is the guilt of leaving the children
after each class because you know there is still so much more I can
teach them. Although there are difficulties along the way, what
satisfy me is the delighted smiles and the gleeful laughter after
each game we play or every song we sing. Teaching isn’t just a
one-way path, I have learned many things during my time teaching the

Learning from my position as a teacher and as a volunteer is that I realized
how far behind we are compared to other countries in preparing the
younger generation for the globalizing world. Looking toward the
future, my contribution will help start these children into the path
of learning new cultures and idea. I seek a change in the education
system at Milford and nationally as a whole to enforce foreign
language classes early on in their education. I seek that the
children have access to education that will relate to the changing
world they live in. So in twenty or thirty years my volunteer had
made a difference in the classes elementary student take and how they
are prepared for the challenges that will lay before them.

Learning more about the children, about how they think and feel, and teaching
them is my way of improving the community we live in. I meet new
children each year and build stronger connections with one’s who
I’ve already meet. Again, community service isn’t just something
you are forced to do, it is something you are willing to do. It is
something that can help improve the community and meet new people.

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