Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Bringing Faith to Lives of Children

Name: Jake Shawn Sarwar
From: Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania
Grade: High School Senior
School: Pleasant Valley High School
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Scholarship Essay
22, 2016

For my volunteering, I chose to do it at my church. I started off as an
assistant catechism teacher and moved my way up to a teaching
position over the course of six years. I went through the program
myself and I felt that it would be a great opportunity to give back
to something that meant a lot to me while I attended. Over the six
years I taught grades 1-5each Monday night. Classes started off as
one hour but eventually changed to one hour and a half. Some
responsibilities that I had were creating lessons, finding fun
worksheets or activities to do, and creating a relationship with the
students. Each week I would make up my own lesson plan to go over
with my kids. I always tried to make each one fun but still
educational. To achieve this, I would try to find worksheets or
coloring pages as well as Google different games and activities to
do. Have gone through the program myself, I did not want to bore the
kids too much. I really strived for it to be as fun as possible.

I would have to say that my biggest challenge overall was dealing with
the students who acted up and talking with parents. When a student
would act up, I did not get mad at them I just asked them to please
stop. But once it became a continuous thing I had to start giving
them consequences. The first time would be a verbal warning, the
second time I would move their seat, the third time I would speak to
their parent and if it continued afterwards, I would just have to
send them to the office. In speaking with the parents, it was not
always easy to let them know that their child did cause a problem. It
was only meant for me to bring it to their attention, while some did
embrace what I was saying, some on the other hand did not like it at
all. Yet I really try not to think about these challenges as I look
back. I think about the satisfaction. The feeling when I see one of
my former students in the store and he/she says to me, “Mr. Jake I
was able to say the prayer that we practiced without looking at my
paper” or when parents stop me and say that their child had one of
the best years in CCD because of my class.

If I learned anything during my time as a teacher, it would be that I
have a lot of patients, I like working with kids, but most
importantly that I enjoy working for the benefit of others and giving
back to the community.

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