Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – The Champions of the Week

Name: Rachel Scarcelli
From: Commerce, Texas
Grade: 11th
School: Commerce High School
Votes: 78

The Champions of the Week

The most challenging, emotional, and meaningful week comes but once a
year in my life. This particular week is like to me as a cliffhanger
in a book leaving me wanting more days to add to the week. Each day I
reflect back to this week, Seek Camp. Next year, it will be my third
year going as a counselor to Seek Camp. Of all the  contributions
I make happily to  the community, this is by far the first
volunteering program I have participated in that inundated me with
this overwhelming  feeling I had to share about the event to the
world. Seek Camp is a non-denominational, Christian camp that was
established more than forty years ago serving a large amount of
children with disabilities. Seek Camp has three camps based on age.
There is the Children’s Camp, the one I participated with for two
amazing years, as well as the Youth and Adult’s Camp which I am
looking forward to volunteering at as a counselor in the future. Girl
counselors worked with the girls, and the boy counselors worked with
the boy campers. Each counselor gets one camper they can spend the
day with to get to know them and have fun. Being a counselor, you are
responsible for these children. Whatever they want to do, you go do
it with them because it is their camp, not yours.  You want them
to enjoy their time. If they accidentally used the restroom in their
pants, you are responsible for cleaning it up without making them
feel embarrassed, They are human, and we all have incidents.  If
they need to take their medicine before breakfast, after lunch, and
during dinner, you are responsible for making sure he/she takes his
or her medicine. It is not just the duties that lay in your hand; you
have a living human being in your hands each day for that week whom
you are responsible for twenty-four hours of the day.. The previous
year, the theme at seek camp, was the Olympics, being champions that
week. In reflections, I in no way felt  like a champion that
Thursday at camp. It was the most challenging day. Her name is Holly.
Holly has Downs Syndrome. I been told there are two different kinds
of Downs Syndrome, happy or angry. Holly was definitely NOT the happy
version.. Downs Syndrome children can have stubbornness and attitude,
but Holly’s case was extreme. My goal was to make her have a good
time at Seek Camp, but every little thing  I tried; she turned
away with hateful words. It almost made me give up on my dream of
being an Occupational Therapist, but it did not because she finally
said something that made me feel accomplished, She said, “I love
you,” after I said it to her. I truly meant it, and I believe she
meant it too, This meant  everything to me. I learned that you
cannot give up on your dream or on someone if something or someone
was an obstacle. Holly was challenging but it was all worth it when
she said, “I love you.”

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