Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Change the World

Name: Tristan MIller
From: Utica, New York
Grade: college sophomore
School: Utica college
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the World

Pondering on how to change the world, the solution became clear. It must start
by changing one’s self. Interviewing peers, and gaining various
insights, the veil was lifted. The road to changing the world starts
with the mission of changing said individual.

Requiring such soul searching and looking deep into one’s mind, it is
possible to make a great change by changing the small things around
us. The world would truly be a better place if everyone tried to make
a small step to benefit fellow man, to uncover the bigger picture.
Citizen’s worldwide thinking about the future, while the past stays
a constant reminder of what to avoid.

Even world leaders have sought to make the world a better place. Many of
whom rose from nothing against the odds, moving mountains captivating
and enticing others with words.

The late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin states “you don’t make
peace with friends; you make peace with your enemies”. An example
of one individuals desire to change the world around him with
changing his mindset.

Interviewing others has pointed out many brilliant ideas such as knowing what the
heart desires to make oneself a more productive and prominent
individual, to stand out and be recognized by colleagues. Simply by
making changes to oneself it makes changing the world simpler. It is
far too much a herculean task to take the world head on. So having a
vision is what’s most important.

A different view is spreading happiness and kindness to others. Being
grateful for what you have daily. Encourage others with words of
wisdom and people will look up to you. In turn others will
acknowledge good deeds and pass them on to others, influencing
members of the community to do better.

Others think you can change the world by helping the community. Helping
other people the elderly with bags, can food drives for the homeless.
Motivating others and giving back to the community. It is important
to make time for those in need. A few hours every week can be
salvation to the elderly at the nursing home or the children at the
daycare. By changing yourself the people around you will also change.
Change and make a commitment to greatness. Just think every little
thing you do helps tremendously. And finally be comfortable with
yourself. Embrace the world around you and make steps towards
greatness. Become entwined with your inner self. Seeking a ‘nirvana’.
With the goal of Maintaining a sound body and mind. Others will
follow suit, becoming aware of the inner man, aware of the vision and
eventually changing the world

Volunteering at various church programs and fundraisers will help me accomplish my
dream of slowly changing the world. Making Earth a better place one
step at a time. Past experience with prayer and bible study for the
elderly at nursing homes has giving me a newfound respect. Showing me
the importance of love and family, showing perseverance and the will
to stay strong.

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