Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Why I chose to major in Nursing

Name: Mardly Pierre Jerome
From: Eatontown, New Jersey
Grade: Graduated Senior
School: Monmouth Regional
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Pierre Jerome

I have always wanted to help others and spread nothing but love
and compassion to another human being. The only career that I feel that will help me
achieve my life goal is the nursing field. Both my parents are my
idols because they worked and still work very hard to get to where
they are today and are constantly trying to learn more to become the
best they can be; and fun fact, they are nurses! Being raised by two
Nurses has shown me what compassion is. Since I was young, I have
always felt the need to comfort people, make them smile and make all
their sorrows fade away like fog on a bathroom mirror after one takes
a hot shower; and that is exactly what Nurses do. Nursing is such a
beautiful field because you get to really care for someone no matter
their sexual orientation, gender, religion, race, or background, and
really get to know them without any bias or discrimination.

Every Thursday for four hours a week, I get the privilege to volunteer at
Jersey Shore University Medical Center on the Oncology floor, Brennen
6. While volunteering, I get to ask the patients if I can help them
with anything; and there is no better feeling in this world when I
see them smile and happy that I helped them out with whatever they
needed, even if it was a small gesture. I have met many patients that
are going through so much but are still smiling; and it truly
inspires me. This opportunity has also opened my eyes to how Nurses
share a great bond with their patients and their patients

families and I’d love to experience that. The love and respect
Nurses have for one another is another reason why I love the field of
Nursing; they become family when they work together and that is a
beautiful thing.

All I ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being not just
with my hands but with my heart.” There has never been a quote that
fully described my life goal in a nutshell as much as this quote by
has. Mafi’s quote signifies my passion for becoming a nurse. I
plan on going to nursing school in order to become a psychiatric
nurse practitioner; when I reach my goal, I’ll be able to make the
world a better place one heart at a time.

College is essential for a bright and prosperous future. Going to college for
me is like a pirate finally finding the treasure chest; because,
college is the treasure chest that is full of opportunities and tools
for me to be successful in life. In order to reach my dream, I must
take that first step of going to college and learn all the material
that will help shape me into the woman I have always wanted to be.
What is amazing about being involved in nursing is that your never
truly done getting an education; nursing gives you the chance to
sharpen your skills by going back to college to be the best caregiver
you can possibly be for your patients.

The world is a very crazy place. People get their hearts broken, violent
crimes occur, and sadness is not a stranger to most of us; however,
hopefully by me helping as many individuals as I can, I can start a
domino effect. The best kind of love is love that is reciprocated. If
I spread love to one person I would love for that person to
reciprocate that love to another person and so on and on; before you
know it, love will be a word we will all recite.

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