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Name: Jonathan Reese
From: Kansas City , MO
Grade: College Freshman
School: Umkc
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There are many variables that arise from learning something new. Just like the feeling that you get from trying a new food or getting on a
rollercoaster for the first time. Uncertainty, insecurities and fear
often set in. For me I got this feeling from being thrown into the
language of love, French. It came with many uncertainties, new
concepts and plenty of obstacles. It’s the same when you are
writing a good essay. Which is “
short literary composition on a single subject, usually presenting
the personal view of the author that is clearly interpreted and
commands the attention of the reader.” (
When trying to right a good essay their are obsticales to overcome such as
uncertainty on what topic to choose, the insecure feeling of if you can explain and express the topic and the obstacles such as running out of ideas
and time but it all ties into the process and the overall goal of
writing a good essay. For example, I was picking a topic to write and
essay about in my 11
th grade English class, and everyone in the class was coming up with the topic of their essay and saying how they planned on explaining it. The whole time I was siting there nervous and didn’t think my topic was going to be good enough or that the teacher was going to think my
topic was bad and so was the way I wanted to go about explaining it.

The first paragraph is the one of the most important parts of a good
essay because it has to clearly express the topic of the paper but at
the same time be exciting enough to get the reader to want to read
it. For me, I was the newest, biggest, unique, older than his age
looking first grader in the school. Walking through this astounding
wooden door full of elaborate decoration and design, entering unknown
territory with onlookers who were in shock and awe. Stares, looks of
disbelief and few smiles filled the hallway as I walked with my
parents. It was the same eerie feeling you get when you a new essay
assignment. Its as if you’re being tossed in to the wilderness and
have to find your way out with only the knowledge picked up over
time. And just like learning a new language there are obstacles that
arise when writing a good essay. For example, the unsure feeling on
how to start and where to start, similar to how you feel when you
first meet someone you find attractive. You don’t want to come of
too strong or give them the wrong impression so you get a nervous
feeling in your stomach.

The first crimp in my journey to learn the language of the was this “Its
too late” obstacle. I was already in the second grade at my
previous school and they wouldn’t let me hop in where I was
supposed to be since I didn’t know French. So they came up with the
option for me to start in the first grade all over again thinking
that would deter me from wanting to even attend and gain the benefits
that were to come. My parents didn’t like it and we’re very
oppose to this delirious idea of setting back a year because they
knew I was smart could pick up on it just like that but they also
knew it was the to go to get what they wanted me to have and they
knew I could do it. The only problem was getting me to believe the
same thing that they did. It’s the same feeling that you get when
you writing a paper. When it comes to writing a good essay you just
have to let it flow, because when you don’t it causes more
obstacles in writing, like the unsure feeling on what to write, how
to say it and if its actually getting your point across. But when you
flow with it, it is smooth and you are more confident in your
writing. Same as in a job interview. Same as when I had job interview
and I wanted the job really bad and was very nervous so I tried to
act how I thought the person wanted and didn’t get the job where as
if I would have just relaxed and been myself I believe I would have
got the job.

I was doing pretty well the first few weeks in this brand new foreign
environment full new faces, new cultures and new experiences. Then
all of a sudden one day my teacher called me and my parents in to the
room and told us that I, at the age of 7, with my whole life ahead of
me full of endless possibilities, that I simply couldn’t do it.
That it wasn’t for me and I was incapable of learning French. In
fact, she came up with the peachy idea that I should leave and go
back to the school that I came from. It felt like I had just hit a
wall in writing my essay. Didn’t know where to go next and started
to question was I even getting my point across any way. This didn’t
sit right with my parents who were wanted me to succeed more than
they wanted to breath. They made a bee line straight to the
Principals office and told her what happened and she only had on
thing to say. “I know the perfect person for him”. Its was just
like adding fuel to a fire where everything builds up perfectly to
express the main idea of your paper. It’s as if it builds the
suspense and increases the readers want of reading more. Just like in
an essay I had to write for a scholarship that was about basketball
and it was due at 2:00pm and it was already 1:30. So the fuel was the
30 minutes I had left which cause me to hurry up and think of a way
to finish off my essay and get my point across.

Madame Marie Elleise, the name of the grumpiest, old fashioned dress
wearing, strict and loud as a general, old French woman who was the
solution to all my problems. She was like the feedback from a peer
review or a teacher’s conference. She showed me what I was doing
wrong and showed me how I could improve. She took my French to a
whole another level. She taught me the basics and the little I had
missed not being in the French school since day one. But I was
hungry for more and she could tell. She was my inspiration to do
better and not only to prove to everyone that said I could but to
prove to myself and give me the confidence that I need to get back up
when I was down. Similar to how you start to feel when everything is
clicking and is coming together and you’re confident in your
writing, like if you had been lost in the forest and suddenly you see
a house, your ticket it out. All your paragraphs say exactly what you
need and you know exactly where to go thanks to input from others so
that the message and main point is clearly expressed and the goal of
writing a good essay can be achieved. Very much alike the guidance I
received from my mom when I was writing the scholarship basketball
essay. She told me what thought and what were the strong parts of my
essay and how I should improve on the weaker parts so that the
scholarship committee would surely understand my situation.

The years after that just flowed from the introduction of the goal and
the main idea in the unhappy beginning’s of being injected to a new
unaccustomed environment full of impeding obstacles. To the peer
review and guidance that helped overcome those obstacles and that
brought the happy rewarding endings of being awarded a medal from The
National French Contest for being ranked the 4
best French speaker in the 6
grade of all the United States. All the steps and obstacles made
easier to keep my goal in sight and achieve it. Parallel to at the
end of a good essay, where all the obstacles, suggestions and steps
have been followed in developing your paragraphs with the focus of
your main idea in mind which have made it interesting for the reader
to read and for reader to. This makes it easy to go right into a
conclusion. A good essay should have conclusion that does good job of
giving a recap of the main idea and all the points that were
expressed that helped reinforce the main idea so that the reader is
reminded of what he read. When something is repeated it is easier to
remember. Just like when you listen to a song and you here it
multiple times and you start to sing along because you’ve started
to remember the words. Therefore, the goal writing a good essay is

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