Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – From Cub Scout to Eagle Scout

Name: Antelmo Reyes
From: Baytown, TX
Grade: College Freshman
School: Lee College
Votes: 197

Reyes 7/10/2016

Cub Scout to Eagle Scout

Growing up as an anti-social child, I had my share of hardships that I had to
deal with as I was figuring out how life works. My life wasn’t as
strenuous as other lives may have been, but I still made mistakes and
had to work just as hard to get where I am. Since then, I got used to
how irritating life may be and I have been growing into a better
person than I was last year. However, most of that growth came from
the service projects I helped out with in the years I have been in
the Boy Scouts of America. Volunteering for community service helped
me become a better-version-of-myself, since it gave me a sense of
appreciation for my community, gave me chances to interact with
people, and helped my determination expand.

I wasn’t always the most disciplined person of all time and I’ve
done things that I wasn’t proud of, but everything changed for the
better once I became a member of the Boy Scouts in America, which is
a youth organization that emphasizes honor and service. While I was
in 3
rd grade, I joined Troop 524 as a Cub Scout, but transferred to Troop
707 after I was considered an actual Boy Scout. In order to become an
Eagle Scout, which is the highest rank of all other Boy Scout ranks,
I had to participate in various community service projects, such as
gardening plants, donating canned foods, and serving drinks to people
at events. At some point, I had to propose, create and lead my own
service project, which ended up being placing new plants and cutting
dead branches. Performing these actions for the benefit of the
society gave me a new sense of gratitude for what volunteers commit
to on a daily basis and the obstacles they must overcome. There have
also been projects where I had to interact with other individuals
that are from a different state or a different country. I remember
how I met some individuals that came from Europe at a summer camp I
attended 5 or 6 years ago. One of the members who have been in the
Boy Scouts for most of his life was awarded a plaque for all his hard
work and efforts. It was one of those heart-touching moments that
doesn’t happen every once in a while.

The time I spent with the Boy Scouts in America helped me grow as a
mature individual while becoming less of the emotional mess I once
was. After receiving the Eagle rank, I then became a part of other
volunteering programs, such as the National Honor Society and a
church group called “S.A.L.T.”. The enjoyment I get from
volunteering helped me gain my dedication towards the things that
interest me and the things I need in my life. For example, I took it
upon myself to earn 37 service hours for the National Honor Society
when I only needed 15 hours for being a new member. Now that I’m
moving on into college, I need to provide myself to pay for my
tuition and this scholarship will help me in that process; as well as
validating the tiresome efforts I’ve made in my life

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