Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – D.N.A

Name: Alejandra Escobedo-Ortiz
From: Denver, Colorado
Grade: 11
School: Martin Luther King Jr. early College
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30th 2016


Volunteering to one day where everything is a challenge where you need to help and
let out the negativity inside of you In March at Martin Luther King
Jr. Early college school is where I like to volunteer because it
involve the whole eighth grade students. This was not one kind of
volunteer where you get few hours but it is the whole day with them.
Also you don’t get payed which is good because this is one big
event that happens in most schools. I wanted to volunteer because I
had experience this program before but instead a volunteer I was the
eighth grader this is one emotion day that I wouldn’t forget and
that brought me to inspire to be part of this day.

It was eight hours in one day and those hours are really good where you
get along and have fun. Those eight hours are like once a year where
I would applied to do each year with the school and also be with the
seniors as well which I’ll do in the future. Not bad for eight hours
it’s a full day start in the morning till two in the afternoon.
Well depends on the students if they volunteer to join. But we have
to be there early as in seven in the morning to start and that is an
early hour it adds up to nine hours a day.

As a volunteer I was in charge that every student gets involved to any
activities that are required when a speaker ask. Another thing I had
to do was make sure everyone feels okay and if a student spoke
something so violent that they planned to do to themselves I had to
report that as well. Another part I had to do was to put chairs in a
circle for students to sit and make sure there is enough for
everyone. Another is I had to share out some hard times in life when
we are participated in the small groups therefore I can’t be afraid
to share out its to show students to not be afraid to share.

The biggest challenge I had when I am a volunteer was to be strong in
front of your students so you wouldn’t be afraid to tell them it’s
okay to cry. Listening to their stories is like listening to a
innocent child thinking it is their fault that this happened or how
their parents don’t take care of them like that is sad and breaks
my heart a lot. The satisfaction I had as a volunteer was how
students spoke out would have keep moving forward and well some hoped
to have my email address to email me about anything like to listen
and talk to them. Learning from this is never judge a person’s
appearance of life because there would be a time you don’t know
their stories without asking and that is important to learn form
every time I Volunteer in D.N.A hope to volunteer again. There
wouldn’t be any changes to this program to volunteer because it’s
great to learn the same thing over and over again and this bring out
students to connect more and hoping being part of their lives to

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