Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Educational Equality : Impoverished Children and Their Hope for More

Name: Averie Bishop
From: McKinney, Texas
Grade: Sophomore
School: Texas State University
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Equality : Impoverished Children and Their Hope for More

Because of my mother’s Filipino heritage, I was able to experience poverty
within a third world country. I lived in Banga, Mindanao, for three
months during the summer of 2015. During that time I voluntarily
attended my mother’s old high school to see what it was like to go
to school in a developing country. In the Philippines, the prevailing
assumption is that education is not important. Families tend to keep
their children at home to work in the fields and help provide food on
the table. The unindustrialized standard of living found in the
Philippines only supports this idea even more: school aged children
should stay at home and learn trade skills instead of attending an
educational institution. The very few students who believe in the
opportunity an education can provide sometimes have to walk over ten
miles every morning just to attend class. My immediate reaction was
to give these children the educational encouragement that they
deserve. That academics has worth and can be an outlet for desires
and dreams. Because of this humbling experience, I realized I wanted
to share my knowledge and skills with the less fortunate and bring
about a positive change within their constricting social environment.

Because of this personal experience, I went back to the states and
established a scholarship fund immediately following the month of
August. The Bishop Scholarship Fund aims to encourage young and
intelligent school aged children who can not afford a public
education. The educational system in the Philippines, especially in
the more impoverished areas, require every child to pay an annual
tuition whether it be a public or private institution. This tuition
is 1,900 pesos or an equivalent of 20 dollars a year. Some students
who I mentioned before can not afford to pay these costs, especially
when their families can barely put food on the table. In order to
relinquish some of the stress and financial burden these parents and
children experience, my mother and I sought to sponsor some of these
children who show passionate and motivated characteristics. My
mother and I host fundraisers and banquets annually to raise enough
funds to send overseas. The foundation currently sponsors over 20
students who attend school in the Philippines. These children’s
aspirations range from future astronauts to personal chefs. We have
recently received several donations from local churches and
philanthropic organizations who believe in our platform. The Bishop
Scholarship Foundation hopes to expand its horizon from just the
island of Mindanao to the over 700 islands in the Philippines. Our
goal is to inspire young children in third world countries to invest
their time and efforts in a long lasting education. With this life
investment, it’s safe to assume that they can escape their state of
desolation and enter a standard of living that was better than

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