Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Even the Smallest Act Makes a Difference

Name: Rebecca Cuevas
From: Wayne , New Jersey
Grade: High School Senior
School: DePaul Catholic High School
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From personal experience, I have discovered that there is no reward
greater than striving for excellence, whether through community work,
or faith driven service, my satisfaction comes from knowing I made a
difference. From previously volunteering at a nursing home I
developed a passion for helping others which has urged me to pursue
tasks within my previous high school community such as attending the
March for Life, Midnight Run, as well as a Straight and Narrow
service trip. From marching along the streets of Washington D.C.,
handing out nourishment to those on the streets of New York, to
organizing donated material for those less fortunate, my outlook of
community was molded thanks to those few experiences.

However, while I very much enjoyed taking part in such experiences, the night
of Midnight Run as lingered in mind for some time. While taking part
in the Midnight Run, my personal responsibility consisted of
distributing sandwiches, I knew that I would be able to spare a night
of hunger for those who called the street their home, yet their
helpless eyes still linger in my mind. I only wish I could have given
more, or said more to make their night less horrendous. Keeping in
mind that this was a frigid December night, I wish I could have given
much more that I was able, I knew that night I would come to a warm
home, yet I was unaware how some would make it through such a night.

In addition to attending the trips, I also took part in gathering funds
in assistance for a few of the service trips whether bake sales,
car wash, or donation box. Taking part in humble experiences such as a
Breakfast with Santa and Outreach Tutoring program, I gained a new
appreciation for younger minds. Volunteering on Wednesdays at
Immaculate Heart of Mary Middle School and aiding students with their
homework has led to making a difference in someone’s life. From the
passion I put through my charitable works I have learned that
assisting others is not a task that can be taken for granted, but
deserves to be cherished to maintain the willingness to act as
friends to those in need.

Considering the future, I believe my actions through community service has
offered even the smallest bit of happiness in someone. In favoring to
provide the best outcome from the various individuals I have worked
with, the phrase forward looking brings a thought of being able to
see a better future, a better day, even a better hour for someone in
need. The better outcome may come from helping a wheelchair bound
individual, working with an eleven year old on math homework,
protesting for beliefs, or providing food. The various actions
themselves pose no difference because at the end of each day, I made
a difference. While I believe some may not remember me years from
now, the memory will linger in their hearts as well as mine because a
difference was always made.

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