Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Everyone Deserves to be Served

Name: Victoria Mendez
From: Selma, Texas
Grade: Junior
School: Judson Early College Academy
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Deserves to be Served

Everyone deserves to be served. Sometimes the people who always serve need
service too. Community service is the key to make everyday lives
better. I learned this important lesson when I was volunteering in
the Army Hospital, BAMC/American Red Cross Summer program, where I
worked in the IMD (computers) department. I worked in this
department Monday thru Friday for five hours a day that lasted for a
month and a half June thru July 2016.

While working in IMD I had a variety of responsibilities such as customer
service, setting up computers, re-imaging computers, and entering
data. My other responsibilities included, handing out supplies,
trouble shooting in the field, and fixing printers. Along the way I
was able to help soldiers, doctors and the employees in the IMD
department. In doing all of this, I found that my biggest challenge
was learning how to fix the computers in such a short amount of time.
This was especially challenging when a million things could go wrong
with them.

In this society we are so reliant on technology, that if something goes
wrong we are in serious trouble. When the doctors have trouble with a
computer they call IMD right way because it would restrict them from
doing their job. No computer means no one gets the help they need.
Even the most brilliant doctors had no idea how to fix their computer
and that’s okay. It’s a chain reaction, we help them and they
help someone else. We all work together to serve. This was the best
part of volunteering in the hospital and gave me satisfaction knowing
working together makes a difference.

Overall volunteering in the hospital was beneficial for many reasons. For
one, I am interested in technology and medical field so I got both
from here. It also gave me an inside look of the different things
people do to keep the hospital functioning at top performance. This
experience has made me more appreciative of what all the works in the
hospital do. Forward looking, looking into the future, they will need
more volunteers not just in the hospital but in other areas too as
the population grows.

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