Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – An experience that changes the world

Name: Jennifer Erin Morris
From: Hagerstown, Maryland
Grade: 11
School: North Hagerstown High
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Community service is very important to me, because it allows me to do the thing
that I love most, helping people. I have been volunteering since I
was little up to the  present, from the food bank to mission
trips. Volunteering has open up areas that I had no knowledge of
before. Also, volunteering has helped me overcome the challenge of
personalities and deciding my future.

Some of the new areas that volunteering has showed me is helping at my
food bank. I have seen the amount of people that do not have the food
they need to survive. This number of people has gone up every year.
This shows me that even though we have food banks helping people, we
need a different solution. That solution is, that more people need to
have the knowledge to know how to help them. Another area is through
Appalachia Service Project. I have done this project three times, and
have volunteered over 120 hours. This project has showed me the
different things that people go through just to keep their families
together. From my trips I have seen the different types of things
that people go through day to day. I have learned that it is not what
you have that makes you happy but who have with you that makes you
happy and able to survive.

One of the big challenges that volunteering helped me overcome is dealing
with different personalities. Different personalities can be hard to
work with at first if you don’t have the right personalities
working together, but if you find the right combination then the
group can do amazing things. This happened at one of my trips, our
group was not that good at working together and we were not getting
anything done. Once our group leader switched us around to different
things and working with different people our personalities worked in
harmony and we got the job done. It was such an amazing thing seeing
how happy the family was to have a new extension on there house that
they could use. The family had 7 members and they were living in a
trailer that had two bedrooms and one bath. They were in need of more
room and it made me so proud to have helped them have a better life
just with us being there for a week.

Volunteering has brought me such joy that is has effect what I want to be in the
future. My future has changed from doing a job in the math field to
something in Psychology. This will allow me to help people everyday
not just on trips or at my church. Also, this will allow me to have
information that I did not have access to before. I can use this
information to inform others of what they can do to help people
everyday in ways you would not think possible.    

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