Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – An Experience to Remember

Name: Nicholas Vangeri
From: Reading, Pennsylvania
School: Exeter Township Senior High School
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On June 17, 2016 my friend Jake, and I decided to volunteer at my local
church because I learned that every third Friday of each month they
hold a food drive. Jake and I started the day off by arriving at the
church at 8:45 A.M. Our job in the morning was to unload and organize
all of the food into several categories. These categories included
fruits, vegetables, dairy, and bakery. It was a very simple job and
we were actually having fun while doing it. Jake and I met some great
people and also got to hang out with each other.

We then took a lunch break at 11:00 A.M. and got back to work around
1:30 P.M. This was the part of the day when people in need of food
came and selected the food that they needed. My afternoon job was to
take the customer’s cart to their car and unload it for them.
Another part of my job was to make sure that they were given the best
service and best experience possible. This part of the day opened up
a new world to me that I have never seen before.

That day I volunteered for almost six hours which was a large piece of my
day. I knew that it was worth the time when I saw the effects that my
volunteering had on the less fortunate. The thing that satisfied me
the most out of the whole experience is knowing that my small
contribution made a huge difference in the life of someone else. The
big challenge for me was staying focused for the entire six hours of
the drive. The main thing I learned from this experience is to be
grateful for what I have because there are many less fortunate people
that would love to have what I do. I also see my volunteering
activities as forward looking because it brings the world one step
closer to being hunger free. It would be great to see that my work is
reducing number of hungry people in the world, but I do not need to
see the change to believe that I am making a difference. If I were to
come back later in my life I do not believe that I would see the
difference that I have made in someone’s life, but I would still
know that the volunteering made the lives of several people better.
This experience was eye opening and I went home feeling like I made a
difference in the world. I definitely plan on going back again next
month to see familiar faces and continue volunteering.

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