Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – The gift that keeps on giving

Name: Danielle Carter
From: Baltimore, Maryland
Grade: Junior
School: Morgan State University
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As a child giving was never a problem. I loved helping others and at
least try to make life easier. My main focus was always the youth.
Starting young I would visit the hospitals around the holidays and
try to make the children who had to be there happy. I did this for
about three to four years. Seeing the smile on their faces was always
satisfaction to me. It gives you the best feeling to see that you
made a change in somebody’s life. As I got older I tried to still
volunteer my time to younger children. I would volunteer to mentor
the neighborhood children. I believe that if you work with a child
while they are young they grow older and want to carry on mentoring
younger children. I also volunteer by collecting clothes and taking
them to the shelters in the Baltimore community. While visiting the
sites for homeless people I learned a lot from them. I learned a lot
of people were born in poverty or homelessness and just could never
get better. From these experiences I learned to be appreciativ4e of
what I have and that giving to those who do not is the right thing to
do. Everyone deserves to be happy and even if you are a small factor
in their happiness you’re still making a difference.

With my volunteer work I hope to see the children I helped or
mentored go out and try to make a change also. I want to have taught
them that just because you have doesn’t mean you keep it. You have
to spread your wealth and happiness with others so that they can be
happy and pass that along. Volunteer work is like a chain reaction,
once someone sees you giving and the joy it brings you then they’ll
give and it just goes on from there. Ten or twenty years from now I
hope to see my city finally happy and healthy. I understand that
volunteering can stop the violence and the hate in Baltimore, but it
is a start. This is what “forward looking” means to me.

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