Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Giving Back

Name: Lauren Schiebel
From: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Grade: Senior in High School
School: R.Nelson Snider High School
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Giving Back

Ever since I was a young girl, I have dreamed of becoming a nurse. While
most kids were watching Disney Channel, I had my eyes fixed on the
newest episode of “Life in the E.R.” Growing up with a mother as
a nurse I was always at a health fair, the hospital, or participating
in a CPR class.  Through these various events I attended with my
mother, it intrigued me to watch the nurses do their different tasks.
But what caught my interest was the passion and fulfillment these
people had for their career and patients. As the years have gone by,
my curiosity about nursing has turned into a potential career.

In order to further my knowledge and experience, I decided to give my time by volunteering in the
Emergency Room.  Starting my freshman year of high school, I got
up every Sunday and spent 4 hours of my afternoon giving back to the
employees and patients of the hospital. I was given simple tasks at
the beginning such as restocking linens, cleaning rooms, and ensuring
each room had adequate medical supplies. At first I felt that these
undertakings were simple and of no use, but I quickly learned that on
busy days having a clean, well-stocked room made a significant
difference. When I became more familiar with my position, I was given
more responsibilities such as answering patient call buttons or
getting them water.  I enjoyed being able to interact with the
patients and tending to their needs. By answering simple questions, I
was giving the nurses extra time to fill out paperwork or help other
patients giving me a feeling of fulfillment.

Although it was only a couple hours a week, I gained new knowledge of the
health field and a sense of accomplishment that extended beyond the
volunteering. Watching the nurses, doctors, and technicians interact
with the patients taught me the proper way to handle different
situations.  It showed me that in order to work as a health
professional it takes certain skills in addition to the textbook
information that will be taught in school: good communication,
patient, and above all a love for the job.

Continuing forward with my education I plan to take every critique and
experience by applying it to my future endeavors.  While many
people seek to change the world by performing some grand gesture I am
content with making small differences.  Volunteering is
rewarding but as long as one nurses’ completion of rounds was made
easier with my services; I feel my time accomplished service
excellence for the staff and patients. I look forward to finishing
school and being able to work as a nurse; once I reach retirement it
is my hope that I can return to the hospital and continue giving back
to the community.

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