Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Giving Back

Name: Morgan Kuhn
From: Tiffin, Ohio
Grade: 12
School: Columbian High School
Votes: 0



Volunteering has been a big part of my life in the last nine years. Being able to
do something to help and/or educate others is a really good feeling.
I’m in 4H and I also attended Sentinel Career and Technology
Center. Both of these have core values of which focus on the
wellbeing of the community. There’s a variety of work that we do
for the community. There’s not one specific area of volunteering,
however, homelessness and anti-drunk driving have been the topic of
many projects.

My role in either one of these has been to educate others on how big of
a problem both are becoming and spending time collecting donations
for the causes. The biggest challenge in volunteering for these
kinds of things is having to think about how big of an issue poverty
is or how no matter how many times you sit there and try to pound it
into someone’s head that drinking and driving isn’t safe to not
only yourself but others, they still do it and cost lives. My
biggest satisfaction in volunteering is being able to make a

Your time could save someone’s life so why not do it? The biggest
lesson I’ve learned from the work I’ve done is cliche but is to
never take anything for granted. Looking into the future, whether
it’s an hour after you’ve volunteered or thirty years; any help
makes a difference.

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