Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Good Samaritan

Name: Jessenia Pesina
From: Edinburg, TX
Grade: 12th
School: Johnny G. Economedes
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Volunteering isn’t something I expected to do when I have spare time in my
hands, but once I began; it was inevitable for me to ever stop.

Where I live, people have a tendency to believe that there is no one who is
willing to help without getting something in return. I decided to
take action, and little by little prove the community wrong. It all
started my freshmen year, when my old Elementary school needed a
helping hand in raising funds. I helped and still do, when they have
their festivals and other events. I also enjoy helping around my high
school as much as possible. If it’s not grading papers or cleaning
a classroom, it’s cleaning up the highway with an organization.
Every high school year I also participate and support in special
events for St. Jude.

During the summer I joined a summer program with a close friend of mine,
when sophomore school year ended. “ARISE Muniz”, it’s a
community-based service organization dedicated to assist youths and
provides educational and cultural sessions for them. It took place
Mondays-Fridays, five hours a day. I devoted my whole summer to this
program; I put in 140+ hours, which made me feel incredible. I still
help time to time when I have the opportunity to do so.

I attend church at “Iglesia De Dios Vivo” and when they sell BBQ
sales; my job is to place the baggie of bread in the plate. I’ve
also taken time to clean the church with others, so it’ll be set
for the next service.

Every time I volunteer, I gain something in return. I’ve learned
qualities of initiative, responsibility, as well as resiliency. Now
any chance that I have, I make myself useful and help out my
community any way possible. The satisfaction I feel when doing so is
immense, it’s something I want to continue feeling.

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