Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Happyness and Volunteerism

Name: Emily Lopez
From: Progreso, Texas
Grade: 10th
School: Progreso Hight School
Votes: 2

Volunteerism is a worldwide activity, it has not only impacted me but
for the Nursing Home I volunteered for my last days of Middle School.
To me to help out in the community is great but when you can make a
huge smile on someone’s face at the end of the day it is a huge
accomplishment in my book.

In any way I feel that more high schools should bring back they rule about
volunteer hours, but in the same time I feel that people should not
do it against their will. When I volunteer at this Nursing Home it
was an awesome experience for me, I would go there about every
Thursday for about two months, my responsibilities were to read to
the elders, walk them in the hallways, help feed them with all the
different obligations each person had, and to host the events they
had that month. I was their it was Easter and Cinco de Mayo, so I
would help the ladies that worked their decorated and make sure
everyone was having a great time, the great part of this was that
they actually invited little kids to join them and go Easter egg
hunting with them and it meant the world to this grandparents,
parents, aunts, uncles, to see little happy kids again.

This experience was a great satisfaction for me and I learned a lot from
it, like one of the satisfactions was that I got to see every person
in their with a big smile in everything I tried doing for them, but
from their I learned a great amount of responsibility and knowledge
from this to, like how the nurses here have it the most difficult
they have to make sure every elder has the right kind of medicine and
eats what they need to eat, have their exercise if need, and so on.
But for those nurses that I saw everyday there I saw the look on
their face and I could see the way they felt they got to help another
person be healthier and healthier. My goal in life is so people and
be more safe and happy with their life that is way I am becoming a
District Attorney so I can give people the equality and fairness they
deserve. This experience will help me because I see all these nice
old genuine people and I would think that they had a great life and I
greatly take the task to help others be so happy like they are.

If I would come back to that after ten years I would say that it is still
important to volunteer, for anything whether it is a Homeless
Shelter, and Nursing Home, or a Food Bank, any little task you take
can make a difference in the long run.

In the end, nothing can stand in your way when it comes to a goal and an

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