Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Helping a Can at a Time

Name: Nicolas Castriotta
From: Murrieta , California
Grade: 11
School: Vista Murrieta High School
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Nicolas Castriotta

Murrieta, CA

12th Grade

Vista Murrieta High

1 Jul. 2016

a Can at a Time

I have always seen community service as the way for anyone to have a place
in their community that isn’t possible by just living in it. People
that have reached a streak of bad luck, bad turns, and bad decisions
need that support from others that express sympathy. Just living in a
town causes one to walk right past the misfortunes; there needs to be
an opening of eyes to really look past the everyday ebb and flow and
see the struggle behind the curtains. Personally, I have ventured
past the veil and done community service in the form of canned drives
and storages for a couple months in multiple summers.

The responsibilities I have as a volunteer at this organization called
MIssion of Hope include being a sorter in the main storage facility,
checking expiration dates on the cans and containers of food,
creating food boxes to be distributed by others at multiple
locations. The biggest challenge that has arisen for me in this
responsibility as a volunteer is finding places to work because
sometimes these opportunities aren’t advertised widely so I need to
scout for places to take myself. The idea of my work going to aid
someone else gives me great satisfaction because it’s the person in
need that matters most and when they are happy, I am happy. What I
have learned from all this work has really taught me that life
doesn’t come easy and sometimes it isn’t even fair. That’s is
why there are others that will lift us up when things take a turn for
the worse.

I very much am looking to see my career goals align with helping my
community and perhaps the wider world. I very much want to work in
developing technologies that are meant to aid those with misfortunes.
I wouldn’t necessarily say my activities are forward looking but
they definitely are looking towards bettering the community. To me,
forward looking really means that something is created with new
methods and plans that have the purpose of carrying that organization
or concept into the future effectively. WIth my activities I plan to
make a difference in my community that involves an increase in
awareness of the struggle in others’ lives so that the entire
community can become a self-sufficient body of multiple aiding
components. If I were to ever return in some years, I would think
that my work would have some impact on the community; alone it would
be subtle but together with other people’s’ impacts, it would have
a large effect.

Community service to me has been a great way to connect with the local world
that surrounds me in more ways than one. There is a world out there
that is invisible when just driving by. It takes a real connection
with the community to help others and make an impact and really gain
that rewarding feeling that you are making the world a better place.

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