Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Homelessness Is Not a Joke

Name: Marissa Hood
From: Grandview, Missouri
Grade: High School Senior
School: Grandview High School
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Is Not A Joke

I would like to dedicate my time throughout my life to helping people,
which is the reason I am majoring in Social Work; but my passion is
for homeless people. The reason I have a passion for this area of
community service is because my family has been homeless before. It
is not a good feeling not to have permanent shelter and not know from
night to night where you will lay your head to sleep.

I would like to volunteer at lease 4-5 hours a week to help homeless
people while I am in college, but I will dedicate more time when I
graduate. I have helped feed the homeless on several occasions with
my church; we generally do at least one Saturday a month for about
2-4 hours. We also take them supplies they need while living on the
streets; like socks when it’s cold, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste,
Kleenex, and even blankets if we get enough donations.

My biggest challenge as a volunteer is probably trying to hold back the
tears when I see children with their parents because I know how it
feels. Fortunately, we stayed at a shelter and did not have to lie
in the streets.

The satisfaction I get from volunteering is seeing the people smile and
when they say thank you for helping and caring. I have learned so
much volunteering, but it makes it easier to assist because I have
been on both sides.

After I graduate from college I would like to run a center for homeless
people and help foster children; after learning to ropes I plan on
opening my own center after about 5 years. Yes, I feel that ten
years from now my volunteer services would have made a difference.

I just want people to know homelessness is not a joke because you never
know why a person or family is in that predicament. With my family
situation my mom was a single mother of six children and lost her
job. Don’t judge people as to why they are homeless, everyone is
not on drugs.

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