Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – The Importance of Giving Back

Name: Ronela Kainoa Kaahanui
From: Seattle, Washington
Grade: 11th grade
School: Franklin High School
Votes: 35

Importance of Giving Back

When I was a freshman, I was not fully aware of the requirements that I
needed to graduate from Franklin High School. When people mentioned
hours, I was completely stressed out for four months because I did
not know where to volunteer at. Until my classmate, Steven, helped me
pick up an application from my local library.

One day Steven and I received an email that we were to have a meeting at
the library right after school. We happened to be the very last
applicants to be accepted as volunteers at the library according to
Diane, the head librarian. When the meeting was over, Diane asked if
we wanted to try out the job as a test, we agreed. She told us to
check the picture books from the kids

section to see if they needed to be replace and that was a simple
task. Steven and I did this for two hours straight until we decided
that it was late. We established a schedule that allowed me to show
up on the week days for two hours per day. Steven, however, could not
show up on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

For the next year and four months, we were assigned to box up books that
were no longer in the system so they can be sold at sales. We also
had to clean shelves, photocopy files that the staff needed, and
helped run the teen program that happened every third Thursday per

Over the course of volunteering I felt that it was home when school was
over. But it wasn
all rainbows and sunshine. I was a bit stressed when Steven was not
there to make sure that I did not screw up a task. Sometimes I felt
bad that I would have to ask Diane simple questions when she was
doing something important. I realized that sometimes being
independent doesn’t mean that I have to be fully isolated to
complete activities. Once in awhile it’s okay to ask for help when
you think you could be a bother to your peers but that is never the

The careers I am interested in requires the skills that I have
gained: being responsible, respectful and selfless. As of looking
forward, I view it as moving into a harmonic future. If we want to
make the world a better place, we as one must master the skills I
want to teach and spread to all ages. If I came back to my library, I
believe I can be able to spread my experiences to the new volunteers
so they too can teach others. Then hopefully people will see that
this way can make the world rotate easily without the arguments,
attacks and wars all because of the negative attributes of human
nature, were reasons why we did not live in peace. As the saying
a mile in someone else’s shoes” and you will understand them
better, that’s my greatest lesson to spread.

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