Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Investing My Life in Others

Name: Jason Holland
From: MIDDLETOWN, Virginia
Grade: Not in school
School: Bob Jones University
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Jones University student

My Life in Others

“Time is your most precious gift…When you give someone your time, you are
giving them a portion of your life that you’ll never get back. Your
time is your life.” I could not agree more with that quote. We
can never get time back, so where we put our time is where we put our

For the past two summers, I have had the privilege of investing my time
at Mt. Lou San Bible Camp, a summer camp program in Harrisburg,
Pennsylvania that focuses on youth ministry. The summer camp itself
is six weeks long, with new campers coming and going each week. I
have worked as a counselor for both summers, which involves being in
charge and overseeing an average of six youth for almost a week-long
time. During their week here the campers are involved in many
activities, games, chapels, and spiritual discussions. The chapels
and spiritual discussions are the best times for me to invest my time
and life into the campers that come.

Being a camp counselor is like being a parent for a week, and there is much
that comes with the job. Supervising for several children and teens
at one time has its blessings, its challenges, and its times of
learning for me. I have truly been blessed to be able to make
friendships and connections with several of the campers that I have
had in the past, and I know that I have seen the fruit of my labor by
investing my time in some of them.

The challenging times come when I have those campers that are hard to
deal with. They can be rebellious, disrespectful, lazy, or easily
distracted. This makes it hard to invest in them, and I have often
questioned myself, wondering if what I volunteered to do is worth it.
It’s during those tough times that I have to remind myself that it is
worth it, even though it may not feel like it is.

Being a camp counselor has really taught me how to better show patience and
grace to those who really need it. Dealing with others is not always
going to be easy, and I have definitely seen my time as a camp
counselor help my people skills develop so that it will be a help to
me down the road of life when I become a parent and when I work with
people in my future career as a businessman.

I do believe that my being a camp counselor has made a great difference
in my campers’ lives. I have done my best to plant seeds of
developing good character and kindness, and I hope that they are
changed because of that. I thank God for the times I was given to
invest in several young lives. I now know that my life has counted
for something greater than myself, and that’s something to smile

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