Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – My Joyful Lifestyle

Name: james Thomas Jordan
From: tampa, FL
Grade: Freshman
School: Florida Gulf Coast University
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Many people consider volunteering a requirement, an obligation, and even a
chore. To me, volunteering is a lifestyle. I come from a household of
giving. My grandmother taught my mom and my mom taught me that life
is about giving back to your community. It was never just one
specific organization, they were always helping others and I wanted
to follow in their footsteps. I chose to volunteer with groups that
have touched my life or the people close to me. I have contributed
over 400 hours of volunteering the past 4 years of my life.

Connecting with the elderly at the retirement home Aston Gardens has been of of
the best experiences. Every Monday I would play bingo with these old
folks in the ball room. My responsibility would be to call the
numbers out. Seeing these people’s faces light up give me the
satisfaction to always return and reunite with these happy souls.

I have volunteered at the flag4kids organization, a weekend flag
football tournament that happens every spring and fall. As a kid, I
played in this league and it changed my life forever. It has given me
a love for the game of football that I treasure every day. I decided
to come back to this organization and become a referee to try and
make the same impact on children that the game has on my life.

I’ve also volunteered with the Joy Ministries foundation. This group is
involved with my church and has a goal to always help others in need.
Every other Friday we would get together at our church and make
dozens of sandwiches and put them in a bag with chips, fruit, and a
bottle of water. We would then drive downtown and deliver these care
packages to each and every homeless person we saw. We saw many smiles
and that’s what puts the “Joy” in Joy Ministries.

Volunteering has truly been a blessing in my life and I would never take it for
granted. I even love participating in Relay for Life which is an all
night walk that raises money for cancer. My biggest challenge has
always been time and how I manage it. I can never be at
every volunteering gig that is taking place. I am about to further my
education at Florida Gulf Coast University and will major in
accounting. The communication between elderly, kids, homeless, and
other adults will be a huge help in doing business with society as a
CPA. I believe that forward looking is not just what’s going to
happen next, but thinking about what you’re doing right now will
impact the future. I seek to change the world by showing people that
volunteering is not a chore or a job, but a way of life. It can
change lives and make unforgettable memories. My goal is to cause a
domino effect of volunteering with those around me so people around
me and their kids will make a lifelong difference in the world.

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