Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – The Kind Heart of a Servant

Name: Christopher Xavier Arredondo
From: Deer Park, Texas
Grade: 11th
School: Deer Park High School South Campus
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Chris Arredondo

Youth Forward

Kind Heart of a Servant

Most of my life, I’d scoff at volunteers and was only driven by greed. That was
however, until I made a change in my heart and perspective when I
brought Jesus into my life. I used to focus on what I would receive
rather than what I should’ve been giving to others, then I realized
that when I volunteer, I give more than just a helping hand, I give
my time, effort, heart of a servant, and whatever service I am
providing. Since the day I began volunteering, I developed a love for
helping others and putting myself aside for someone else, which
inspired me to start helping out my community.

As 2 days a week became 4 years and still going strong, I’ve
volunteered for various duties for those who I share the city with by
starting at my community church. I began with helping 7.5 hours a
week, the eventually to where I stand today at 77.5 hours a month.
With the church as my foundation, I range from helping to set up
community events for the public, completing community services with
my youth group, and giving a helping hand to the elders and needy in
my community. I became a servant to others when I became a servant to
Jesus, even though not everybody may believe in Christ, I believe
it’s still a no-brainer that we should help others the way Jesus
did, with humility, love, selflessness, and a kind heart.

Further on, with these works, I’ve learned some responsibilities
that I must follow. The first and foremost responsibility was staying
vigilant in the role of a leader that I was given. I had to model the
black belt principals of honesty, modesty, integrity, self-control,
and a strong spirit, as well as paying attention to detail and follow
through. I must as well be able to take initiative and focus on the
task at hand. Another important factor was being a man of my word
when dedicated to completing something, which is an essential

Moreover, as responsibilities come to play, challenges also test me
as a volunteer. My biggest trial is one I often face when and when I
don’t volunteer, staying true to having a heart of a servant. I’m
only human, so there are days when I don’t feel like doing
anything, but I must stay intact with my giving. However, I’ve
learned that anyone can volunteer, with a loving heart or not, but it
takes a servant to stay dedicated and overcome the chains that hinder
their giving.

Finally, having a servant’s heart helps me look forward when I see
this exact message to being broadcasted when I film movies later on,
change this world into a planet of kind hearted people who find peace
rather than hate. That said, I would like to come back in the future
world of people who serve with love and not be drive by hate.

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