Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Leading the Youngest to God

Name: Mariah Wilder
From: Ellicott City, Maryland
Grade: 11th grade
School: Howard High School
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I have chosen to volunteer at my church by watching kids between the
ages of two and three while their parents are enjoying the service. I
chose to do this because I love little kids, they are so eager to
learn and what better way to introduce them to God in a fun, playful

I try to volunteer every second, fourth, and fifth Sunday I get a
chance at the twelve o’clock service. Sometimes if my mom has to be
at church earlier to volunteer as well then I stay for the ten
o’clock and twelve o’clock services.

My responsibilities are to make sure all the kids we have are checked
into the right section and to account for any of those that have food
allergies for later on during snack time. I help them learn more
about the wonders of God through games, stories, music, and videos.

My biggest challenge is trying to get the kids to settle down long
enough to pay attention to the lesson plans. There are always one or
two kids who want to play the whole time and they do not like it when
I try to tell them what to do but that is my job.

My biggest satisfaction was when we were watching a video one time and
the lady said “Repeat after me: God loves me” and everyone
repeated what she said and would not stop saying it for the rest of
the service. That brought joy to my face and every adult in that room
faces because it is the little things that lead them down the right
path to finding Jesus and accepting him as their own.

I have learned that every child learns differently and comprehend
things at a slower pace. I have gained patience and love for every
child that has walked into my classroom. I can’t wait to see them
grow up into their own person and help out those younger than them.

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