Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Let Me Explain It

Name: Gabriella Mukai
From: Pasadena, CA
Grade: 12th
School: Mayfield Senior School
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Most students struggle with a class and I try to assuage their
difficulties. However, tutoring not only helps the student, but it
also benefits me. When I tutor in Spanish, I strengthen the student’s
foundation while I sharpen my skills. I enjoy tutoring because I
simply love the subject. When I explain something for biology, I
become extremely excited and want to share my enthusiasm. However, I
mainly tutor because I know that struggling in a class is difficult
and any extra encouragement and help goes a long way. If I can do
just that for a student, I will.

I have been tutoring fellow high school students for approximately three years, totaling to over two
hundred hours. Sometimes I would tutor three hours per week and at
the end of my senior year, I volunteered at a public school roughly
five hours a day for two weeks. My time working with the sixth
graders at the public school was one of the most interesting yet
frustrating experiences. Here I was, surrounded by sixth graders who
had a very different childhood than me. I have a loving family, while
many have an unstable home life. When I sat down with them
individually to go over some math problems, I would eventually become
slightly annoyed after I ran out of ways to describe how to find the
perimeter of a square. However, whenever a student finally grasped
the idea so that it was no longer strange and foreign, I felt a surge
of relief and pride because I was able to explain it and that they
were able to understand it as well. Needless to say, at the close of
my senior year, I was exhausted. However, I realized how hard
teachers work. They devote so much time and effort to so many
students for not two weeks but for months. However, despite all of
the tribulations they encounter, their students do not see it because
teachers care that much for them.

Forward thinking to me is planning how your actions today influence the days
to come. Each minute I spend with another student, is another minute
I am impacting their future. Even if they do not grow the same love I
have for a particular subject, the student will become more confident
in their future endeavors. So, when they become an adult they can
approach the world with conviction and do what they love
wholeheartedly. Additionally, I hope that by tutoring and helping
other students, they see the value of volunteering as well. Perhaps,
all of the people I tutored will go out into the world and help
others who are in a similar situation they were once in.

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