Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Library Power

Name: Catherine Hall
From: Beebe, AR
Grade: Sophomore
School: Beebe High School
Votes: 0



Libraries provide opportunities for the public that can be easily taken for
granted; they provide people of all ages with a source of literature,
movies, computer access, and more. Though public libraries are
government funded, funding is not always enough to provide the
community with both necessary material as well as more menial
effects. This is where volunteering comes to the rescue.

Since I was young, I have gone to the library regularly, and I have always
viewed it as a magical place where books live and thrive. Now that I
am older, I realize that the library holds more purpose than just a
place to house books. When it was time for me to start volunteering,
I decided I wanted to be part of the library’s world. I gave over
40 hours of my time to the Goff Public Library in the 8
grade, the first year I volunteered. My responsibilities during this
year consisted mostly of shelving books, which allowed the librarians
more time to spend with the patrons, therefore enhancing the quality
of each patron’s visit. Since my first volunteer year at the
library, I have helped in certain odd and end jobs, including making
decorations for summer reading. In the last three months before
school let out, I grouped up with a friend and together we
contributed over 20 hours each in making decorations. The challenge
of finding cheap materials to create a bright and inviting display
was difficult, but it was overcome. When the project was finished,
the library was presented with a handcrafted, vibrant contribution to
the summer reading décor.

Volunteering at the library has taught me that someone has to work for the things
that are easily taken for granted. I will continue to volunteer at
the library every chance I get because I believe in the opportunities
it provides people. I love to see the wide range of families and
individuals that benefit from the small things I can do. Seeing
children smile at the decorations I created is heartwarming, and lets
me know my work is appreciated.

The decorations I created for the library are meant to entice young
children into the world of reading. Children are the future of our
world, and anything we do to enhance their lives is looking forward
to the life of the community. Reading opens so many doors to
knowledge, and knowledge changes the world. I hope that ten,
twenty, or even a hundred years from now, the children that were
introduced to, or strengthened in, reading by the library’s reading
program will change the world with their knowledge.

As long as I can remember I have loved books. I know that whatever
career path I choose in life, it will require a deep understanding of
literature and English. The library, with its source of knowledge,
will help me achieve this goal; as well as allow me to help others do
the same, even in the slightest ways.

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