Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Lift Every Voice And Sing.

Name: Diamond Renee Giles
From: Maywood, Illinois
Grade: 12
School: Proviso East
Votes: 0

My name is Diamond Giles. I have spent the past four years in a
community youth choir. I have dedicated my time and energy to this
choir because I believe it does good in my community. Singing is a
way to lighten a load. It brings comfort to people. I like to make
people smile, and feel better about themselves, and I like to do it
through song.

I began singing in the youth choir at my church. We would sing every
Sunday morning, and we would have practice twice a week. It was a way
to talk to my friends and do something that I enjoy at the same time.
Somewhere along the line we began to do more than just sing at
church. We were invited to several different places nursing homes,
community centers, and shelters. You would not think that one or two
songs from a group of kids would do much for people, but when we were
through I could feel the joy that the people had from taking the time
to listen to us.

Most of my duties include just practicing; however I have taken it
upon myself to reach out to a few different auxiliaries in my town to
volunteer our services. We get together at holiday events i.e.
Christmas, thanksgiving, Easter, and Mother’s Day. It is really a
lot that goes into singing. You have to really practice, and make
sure you are hitting your notes, at the right time, and in unison
with the other people. It can be difficult at times, maintaining a
full time school schedule, part time work schedule, and still have
time to sing, but I’ve made it work for me. It has also really
helped my studies also in school. I have grasped a lot of knowledge
on how to conduct myself in a professional manner, when speaking with
directors of the establishments, but it’s not about that for me.
It’s about coming in and looking at a crowd of people with frowned
up faces, and singing our songs from our hearts, and not just to be
singing. It’s about that person that walks up to me at the end of
our program and tells me how they really appreciate what we did
today, and that they won’t forget it.

I’ve learned that you don’t have to always give money, or have an
extravagant plan or idea to help others. Sometimes you can just use
the talent you were born with and make a difference that money can’t.
When you give it has to be from your heart, and not because it’s
just something that looks good on a resume. That’s when you know
it’s worth it.

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