Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Light Up Their World

Name: Rachel Zack
From: RPV, California
Grade: Sophomore in College
School: Concordia University Irvine
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Light Up Their World

Youth Ministry is something I’ve felt passionate about since I was on the
other end of it in high school. Through my upperclassman years in
high school, I attended weekly gatherings that brought me closer to
God. Since I found my faith in high school, I wanted to give back in
a sense by empowering other students who come from similar
backgrounds. Just sharing your experience can help somebody else
understand their situation better.

So this year I volunteered with the junior high group, along with the
children’s ministry through my church. For the junior high group, I
would meet every Wednesday with about a dozen girls. We would walk
through different Bible stories and talk about life issues. In
children’s ministry, I helped out with the preschoolers and
assisted by preparing crafts and activities. One of my biggest
challenges as a volunteer was getting the young girls to open up. If
I could tell there was something on their minds I would bridge the
gap by asking questions about how they saw about the topic at hand.
The most satisfying thing with my experience of volunteering was
seeing them light up when they talked about God or His love. It was
just warming to being there as young preschoolers or maturing middle
schoolers talked about their Creator. What I learned most is it’s
not what I’m doing, it’s what God’s doing in their lives that
have the lasting impact.

I see my volunteering as forward-looking because spending time with
kids is helping develop their minds, along with challenging my
individual priorities. Forward-looking is a concern about the future
whether that’s my own or the people I’m helping. My experience
with volunteering has made me think about my career if I’d like to
teach potentially or somehow continue to bring students to the Lord.

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